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Ferndale School Staff



Deputy Principal





Assistant Principal

Senior Leader: 

Ākonga Liaison

Senior Leader: 

Learning Leaders





Abby Robertson

Becky Holmes

Carlos Celis - Music Specialist

Cathie White

Claire Andrews

Darren Booth

Emma Dalton

Esther Tay

Franzel Bester

Hannah Noordanus

Jane Casey

Janelle Spence

Jasmine Carter-Secord

Jess Pollock

Leanne Green

Leizl Mowbray

Martyn Wing

Matt Ellis

Nathan Sommerfeld

Paul de Spa - Duke of Edinburgh & Senior Sport

Paula Stephenson

Rhonda Brown

Robyn Thomas

Sarah Stuart

Sarah Worsley

Sergio Witkowski

Shane Breese

Sinéad Finnegan


Sophie Roberts


Kathryn Hammond (OT) - Therapy Team Leader

Anne Bridgman (OT)

Rosie Martel (OT)

Kerry Heslop (SLT)

Jo Byrne (SLT)

Naomi Siva (SLT)

Karen Presswood (PT)

Support Staff

Our school is supported by the great work of our dedicated and invaluable support staff team.

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