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Our satellite classes are based in local schools which we call our partner school.  Our satellites provide the opportunity for our learners to achieve their learning potential in a supported learning environment, while also being able to integrate into a primary or secondary school setting.  School therapists work across all Ferndale class sites to work with students, parents, and whanau to develop and implement programmes to support individual learning needs.

Primary Satellites:

Te Huarahi / Linwood Avenue School

We have two junior classes at Te Huarahi / Linwood Avenue School.  Each class has approximately seven to eight students.  Students have specialised programmes led by a classroom teacher and supported by teacher assistants.

Te Rito Harakeke - Marshland School and Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto 

These two primary learning environments are designed for 16 students at both sites.  Learning programmes in each satellite are led by two classroom teachers and supported by teacher assistants.

Secondary Satellites:

Haeata Community Campus

Our satellite class at the Haeata Community Campus caters for intermediate and secondary students and is designed for 16 students.  The students focus on both academic and life skills learning.  Learning programmes are led by two classroom teachers and supported by teacher assistants.

Waikahu (Shirley Boys and Avonside Girls)

This is our second satellite for secondary aged students.  This satellite is designed for 16 students and is led by three classroom teachers and supported by teacher assistants. These two classes work collaboratively to support students with a range of learning and physical needs, with a high level of therapy input. 

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